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“In 25 years of owning the business, I have never seen the calibre of candidates we are attracting now.”

—Mark Hunter, CEO, Hunter Express

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A few of the companies that have benefitted from Ignite Global’s expertise

Ignite Global Results for Sourcing and Hiring Staff

After working with Ignite Global to revise their job descriptions/ads, candidate sourcing strategies and hiring processes:

  • Blueberry Diapers successfully hired a General Manager within 1 month after being unable to attract the right person for the previous 6 months
  • GKA Investigations successfully hired the right Office Manager after 3 previously bad hires over a 12 month period
  • Northrop Consulting Engineers successfully hired two senior managers for their newly established Melbourne office within two months. Prior to this engagement, the Principal in charge of this office had tried unsuccessfully to source and attract the right people for over a year.
  • Strategic Anarchy saved $90,000 by NOT hiring the wrong person.

“The Ignite team have delivered several training courses to our management group. On each occasion the feedback received has been fantastic, with the course exceeding expectations. Ignite’s training is both informative and engaging, inspiring participants to utilize the tools and techniques presented. Kim is an exceptional presenter who is impressive in her delivery and shares a wealth of knowledge within her field of expertise.”

Daniela Burton, Human Resources Advisor, CARDNO

“Ignite Global has worked with Energizer in delivering an Interviewing Skills program to the managers in our business. Feedback from the sessions has shown the presenter to be energetic and highly engaging, demonstrating an ability to effectively work with a diverse group of people. Content of the course was relevant to the audience with good tips, tools and examples. Managers who have attended the course have come back energized and very positive about applying the knowledge gained. I would not hesitate in recommending them as a facilitator to other organizations.”

Elise Barter, Human Resources Executive , Energizer Australia
Ignite Global Results for Engaging and Retaining Staff
  • DFK Everalls reduced re-work by 10% within months of adopting the 5 FOCUSed Conversations framework
  • The Electrical Section of Northrop Consulting Engineers goes from having lowest profitability per head, employee engagement and employee retention to highest within months of adopting the
    5 FOCUSed Conversations framework

“Since the course I have found that I have been able to apply more structure to the conversations I have with my team — not just the content of the conversations, but also the themes of the conversations. There has certainly been an improvement in process that assists my team in expressing themselves on a number of specific subjects in an open but structured way. This has provided me with greater insight into their motivations and what they value most in their working environment. As a result — since taking the course my one-on-one meetings have become more relevant, and I regularly receive positive feedback from my staff telling me that they look forward to my catch-ups with them.”

Marcus Babajews, Head of Development, Razorfish Australia

“For the first time in years our performance reviews were completed in a more timely manner, with little chasing up with the managers. Not only that, instead of just checking boxes there were actual development plans that had been documented and discussed.”

Michelle Goade, HR Coordinator, Lactalis American Group

“We’ve successfully used the Mind Reading for Managers™ and 5 FOCUSed Conversations program to completely replace our annual performance appraisals. No one liked our old system and it was very time consuming for both managers and staff.

Not only did this program achieve our goal of eliminating performance appraisals, we immediately noticed a reduction in re-work after implementing this program, which has a direct impact to our bottom line.

Even our most skeptical of managers has come to embrace the monthly conversations.”

Robert Shelton , FCA, CTA, GAICD, Managing Director, DFK Everalls

“The Ignite team have played an integral part in delivering successful people strategies here at Northrop Consulting Engineers. Continually challenging conventional wisdom, they have been absolutely fantastic in opening our eyes to improving management practices for higher employee engagement. Their brilliant ideas are well suited to any business size ranging from start-ups to large multinational corporates.”

Amir Girgis, Principal | Manager, Sustainability, Northrop Consulting Engineers

My team recently engaged Ignite Global to do their Mind Reading for Managers™ workshop. The workshop was outstanding! The 5 FOCUSed Conversation tools I learned from the workshop changed the way I communicate with my staff in a positive way. Overall, they have made a difference in my life at work, and for that, I am thankful for their services and mentorship.”

Elia Twigg, Public Works Director, City of Palm Bay, Florida, USA

I took over the Electrical Section around the time the company engaged Ignite Global. At that time our section had the highest employee turnover in the region, the lowest employee engagement scores and the lowest profitability per head. I knew something needed to change and adopted the concepts Ignite taught straight away. We now have the lowest employee turnover, highest engagement scores and highest profitability per head in the region.

Yogesh Maharaj, Principal Building Services Section Manager for Sydney Region, Northrop Consulting Engineers
Employers the world over are facing a shortage of qualified people to fill their positions, both now and for the future. The good news is that we have the tools, talent and the insight to help you find the best talent in the market and keep them once you have them. Contact us to find out more.
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