Thorough. Detailed. Wholly-committed. Ready to help you succeed.When we enagage with clients, we go through a very detailed process to ensure our co-created solution makes a measurable impact to your specific challenge. Our process steps include:

  • Capability briefing
  • Needs discovery conversation
  • Co-create solution with client (using a combination of pre-designed and bespoke services as needed)
  • Final sign-off of solution
  • Establish and measure pre-solution metrics
  • Deliver solution
  • Debrief and measure ROI
We can help you succeed

“The Light Up Your Career and Manager Programs are second to none. I truly believe that businesses that work with Ignite Global to implement these programs effectively will provide their employees with lasting skills and experiences that will stand their business in good stead for the future.”

Kate Steenkamp, Head of Talent, Development and Organisational Change, NBN Co.

Comprehensive Services Offered by Ignite Global

As a starting point for many clients we offer a wide range of gap analysis tools which are customized for your needs. We make recommendations from the analyses chosen and can help you shore up any gaps found — enabling you to take your business, managers or processes to the next level and achieve your goals.

Gap Analyses

  • Workplace and culture assessments:
    • Employee Experience Gap Analysis
    • Workplace culture assessments:
      • Unwritten Ground Rules (UGRs) Stock Take (in collaboration with UGRs)
      • Values based Culture Risk Analysis (in collaboration with Des Allen)
      • Work On Wellbeing Survey
      • Pulse surveys and focus groups
  • Recruitment Process Gap Analysis (with optional On Boarding analysis)
  • Manager / leadership capability analysis
  • Strategic Workforce Reviews (in collaboration with Quantitative HR)
  • Employee turnover review and recommendations

Other Initial Engagements

  • We help you identify your High Potential staff and then develop personas to use for recruitment to build a high performing culture.
  • We can host internal roundtables or run part of your next executive offsite to present emerging trends in the future of work, the future workforce or employee experience.
  • We help you define and articulate your purpose and values as an organization. This helps you not only attract and retain the right culture fit, it helps you make better (and faster) decisions and results in a more cohesive community with a common purpose for your staff.

Ongoing work with clients can take the form of consulting, training (including online) or both.

Ignite Global's 5 Pillars to help you LIGHT Up™ your workforce

The services offered within each of the 5 Pillars to help you LIGHT Up Your Workforce® include:

LOCATE | Services Offered

  • Embed the SPOT On Job Description™ framework to help you magnetically attract better candidates and effectively hold them accountable for high performance once hired 
  • Strategic sourcing strategies to ensure you are casting your net wide enough and fishing from the right ponds for candidates
  • Workforce/succession planning to help you:
    • Determine your workforce needs into the future
    • Take your existing staff members along on the journey as your organization changes and evolves due to technology and market disruption
    • Ensure career development opportunities for your high potential talent

Why is this pillar important?


Leading edge sourcing strategies that give you access to the best talent in the market — not just the best available at the time.


  • Proactively address hiring needs instead of waiting for roles to become vacant
  • Treat prospecting for candidates like business development
  • Use extensive and innovative recruitment strategies to target passive and active job seekers
  • Ensure a compelling value proposition is defined and articulated for the best candidates

Why it’s Important . . .

According to McKinsey Global Institute the critical skills shortage could result in as many as 85 million jobs for which we cannot find suitable candidates by 2020 due to the combination of the aging workforce and impact on jobs from technology and globalization. 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Australian candidate shortage could be as high as 1.4 million by 2025.

Only 5–10% of “top talent” is actively looking for work at any given point in time. If you primarily use job ads and recruiters you are missing out on 90–95% of the best people in the market.

Critical Skills Shortage: Projecting 85 million jobs will go unfilled

After working with Ignite Global, Hunter Express now receives unsolicited job applications based on the compelling nature of their job ads, written using the SPOT ON Job Descriptions.


  • Embed the SPOT On Hiring™ System to ensure you hire the right person every time and are able to interest those candidates you want to hire — so you don’t lose them to your competition

Why is this pillar important?


Our unique SPOT ON Hiring System™ uses a comprehensive hiring process that goes beyond the traditional interviews and reference checks.

Interview / Interest

Use a systematic hiring methodology including a combination of interviews, reference checks and practical and situational evaluations to:

  • Ensure organizational alignment (Values and Workplace Behaviors) between company and candidate
  • Ensure skills are sufficient — but emphasize competencies required to successfully achieve targets, goals or objectives of the role
  • Ensure purpose of company and role are compelling for candidates

Why it’s Important . . .

According to the Gallup Organization it costs between 50%–200% of an individual’s annual salary to replace them. 

According to a recent survey by Hudson Recruitment 44% of hiring managers rated their last hire as, “not good”.


44% of hiring managers rated their last hire as, “not good”

It costs 50-100% of a person's annual salary to replace them.

Northrop Consulting Engineers saved $100,000 in recruitment costs per year after Ignite Global’s recruitment audit.


  • On boarding your new staff through our H3 On boarding™ System

Why is this pillar important?


22% of employee turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment without proper on boarding. Our H3 On Boarding process ensures every new hire becomes productive and feels like part of your team from the moment the offer is accepted.

Generate Engagement on Day 1

  • They become as productive as possible as soon as possible
  • They form connections with both their direct manager and their peers from the day they sign the contract and these connections are strengthened through the first 90 days of employment

Why it’s Important . . .

According to the Wynhurst Group 22% of employee turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment.

According to Egon Zehnder 50% of executives leave within the first year without a structured on boarding process.


22% of employee turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment.

SPOT On™ Hiring System

First Mortgage Systems reduced employee turnover from 45% to 30% per year after adopting the SPOT ON Hiring System.

First Mortgage Services


  • Once your purpose and values are defined and articulated we can assist you with integrating them into your organizational culture. This will enable you to consistently attract better people and then hold them accountable for not only high performance — but good behaviour as well. It will also help you make better and faster decisions.
  • Strengths profiling and training including how to have a strengths based performance conversation
  • How to use Positive Psychology to bring your best self to your leadership role and to bring out the best in others
  • Neuro Leadership training
  • Psychological Wellbeing Survey
  • Mindful Attention Awareness Scale (for effective leadership)
  • Human Synergistics’ tool set
  • DiSC profiles

Why is this pillar important?


Today's workforce demands a healthy workplace culture - and studies show this has a direct bottom line impact. We offer a suite of innovative and practical strategies to ensure that yours meets those demands.

Healthy Workplace Culture

  • Compelling organizational purpose and values defined and embedded in culture
  • Adequate and effective tools, resources and training available to allow staff to do their best work
  • Effective vertical and horizontal communication structures in place, emphasizing coaching instead of directing
  • Ability to achieve work/life integration
  • Health and wellbeing including physical, mental, emotional and financial

Why it’s Important . . .

According to Towers Watson, “Companies that are highly effective at communication are 1.7 times as likely to outperform their peers.

According to the Gallup Organization, “85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work. The economic consequences of this global “norm” are approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity”. 

Gallup also says that a variance of up to 70% in employee engagement scores is caused by managers.

Sigma Aerospace reduced employee turnover, increased employee productivity and tripled in size in 18 months by implementing their “How we Fly” culture document created within a year-long consulting engagement with Ignite Global.

SIGMA Aerospace logo


  • Mind Reading for Managers: 5 FOCUSed Conversations for Greater Employee Engagement and Productivity™ program
  • Strengths profiling and training including how to have a strengths based performance conversation 
  • Fierce Conversations (delivered by Kim Dutton)
  • Career Development training and coaching
  • Giving and receiving feedback training
  • Coaching skills training
  • Emotional Intelligence training

Why is this pillar important?


— About what matters to THEM using our proprietary 5 FOCUSed Conversations™ framework and the 8 Currencies of Choice™ that research shows does more to drive employee motivation and productivity than pay and benefits.

Talk to Them: About what matters to them

  • Effective two-way communication structures in place between managers and direct reports
  • Clarity and robust communication around organizational objectives and roles and goals of individuals and teams to achieve those objectives
  • A supportive environment fostering trust and respect between managers and direct reports and support amongst peers 
  • Effective extrinsic and intrinsic recognition and reward programs
  • Regular conversations occur regarding career development, autonomy over work activities and strengths

Why it’s Important . . .

According to a 10-year study by Harvard Business Review of what “Great Executives Know and Do” the most important of the four keys cited is that “These executives form deep connections with superiors, peers, and direct reports, studying and meeting the needs of key stakeholders”.

Currencies of Choice™

Tassal Salmon has successfully replaced their annual performance reviews by embedding the 5 FOCUSed Conversations™ into the entire organisation. 

Tassal Salmon logo
Employers the world over are facing a shortage of qualified people to fill their positions, both now and for the future. The good news is that we have the tools, talent and the insight to help you find the best talent in the market and keep them once you have them. Contact us to find out more.
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